Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Curious... (Yahoo & Bing Censoring Geoengineering Truth?)...

Update: December 20th:

I complained to Yahoo and Bing and was disappointed, but not surprised, to recieve automated replies. Today, however, I notice stopgeoengineering.com is once again the #1 search result for the term "stop geoengineering". Nice.
All we have to do is let them know we see what they're up to. Looks very, very much like they were deliberately censoring the search results, as I know these search engines often do when it comes to exposing the interests that control them. Keep watching Big Brother, but beware: We're watching you, too.

Shortly after starting this blog, I noticed that when I typed "stop geoengineering" into Yahoo or Bing, stopgeoengineering.com was the #1 search result, and it was like this for several weeks. Just searched the terms today and stopgeoengineering.com is gone! I scanned over the top 200 results on both search engines and do not see stopgeoengineering.com at all!

stopgeoengineering.com was established to get the truth out about the covert aerosol attack on humanity and this planet, and was inspired by the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying?" (watch below), which is, I believe, one of those films "they" really don't want people to see.

Thank you Yahoo and Bing, for strengthening my resolve to get the truth out. It's funny. When I started trying to raise awareness about the strange lines I began noticing about a year and a half ago, I naively expected it would be easier to wake people up. I did not expect the backlash, the shills and the censorship, which have only served to toughen me up, and make me smarter and more determined. So go ahead and censor the truth, and we'll just work harder, and find more effective and ingenious ways to make the truth more accessible to everyone.

Don't you see every attack on the truth just makes us fiercer and more focussed and exposes you as enemies of freedom?

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Part 1 of 7. Click here for playlist.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are being deliberately sprayed with deadly toxins under GLOBAL clandestine government operations. This documentary explores this evidence, as well as evidence of the negative impact these chemicals are having on both humans and the environment.

If you value your life, liberty and the well-being of your loved-ones, PLEASE see this film and share it with everyone you know!

For further information on the interests and ideologies behind covert aerial spraying (eugenics, depopulation), click here to watch Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Geoengineering on the table at UN Framework Convention On Climate Change

Well, apparently the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is under pressure to overturn the UN ban on chemtrails.

The whole thing just enrages me to no end. People got all excited when these countries (not including Canada or the US) signed onto this UN moratorium, when the UN won't even admit geoengineering is already happening all over the world, having a devastating impact on the planet and our health, so how can we expect them to enforce anything or take any of it seriously anyways?

It feels like they are just attempting to create the illusion that they care and whenever geoengineering does start (lol), which even the MSM admits is now, the brainwashed masses won't fret too much about it. I think the recent fake criticisms of geoengineering just help to reinforce the illusion there are checks and balances and people out there making sure this doesn't get out of control, when it already has!

I'm seeing tons of propaganda pieces about geoengineering coming out these past few weeks. I think they're at the point they know they have to very carefully disclose the fact that geoengineering is happening. They know the cat is out of the bag and they are trying to give the impression the motives behind geoengineering are and always have been benevolent. Hah!

Stop trusting the UN and expecting them to help protect the environment. The UN are there to help bring in the New World Order and implement eugenics programs and any involvement they have in geoengineering will not be in the best interest of you or I!

I am so angry! After all the REAL death and destruction caused by having these poisons dumped on us for decades, they will tell the chemically lobotomized "survivors" that they never covered up what was going on, and that the reason most people died was global warming, which they saved them from with chemtrails!

Turn off the freaking TV, stop depending on and aquiescing to the slave system and SAVE YOUR FAMILIES AND YOURSELVES!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rosalind Peterson: The Geoengineering Cover-Up

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs, atmospheric heating and testing programs, and ocean and atmospheric experimental geoengineering programs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Propaganda Time, Kids!

Just finished watching the CBC documentary "Playing God With Planet Earth" and wow, what a big fat load of B***S***! "Plans are on the drawing board, right now." "They're not quite ready to re-engineer the climate." Hmm, back in July, wasn't it also the CBC who reported on how Weather Modification Inc. (who have completely ignored my requests for information on the safety of their cloud seeding agents for 5 months now!) was ALREADY using aerosols to shrink hailstones in Calgary (& if you go to their website, you'll see that isn't all WMI does!)? Guess they forgot! Aluminum has that effect.

A lot of talk about sulfur dioxide, too, but what about increased aluminum and barium already showing up in the environment? What about toxic effects on humans and wildlife? What about the "persistent contrails" already being observed, which are absolutely having an effect on climate now? Also notice it's just a given that manmade global warming, via Co2, is bringing the planet to the brink of destruction? So, so frustrated by all this fear mongering, brainwashing trash! I hear next week Doc Zone will be covering the elusive Manbearpig! No, actually, they're airing a documentary entitled "Apocalypse 2012". Subtle, aren't they? Wake up CBC!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fluoride: Another Example of Eugenics By Covert Poisoning

Why, if fluoride has been proven both ineffective and extremely detrimental to human health, do they still add it to our water supplies? The answers may shed some light on the ideologies behind chemtrails, too.

Russell Blaylock: Fluoride's Deadly Secret

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Justification for Geoengineering is Based on LIES

What happens when we stop thinking for ourselves and let a hanful of elites think for us? They tell us whatever they must to further their agenda. When they are caught lying, the establishment media looks the other way, or spins it into oblivion...

Please, if you are involved with these programs and have been duped into believing you are doing a service to mankind, do your research! Global warming, or "climate disruption" as the threat has now been rebranded since Climategate, is a naturally occuring phenomenon, and global temperatures have been fluctuating (and "natural disasters" occuring) long before there were any cars or plastic grocery bags.

In fact, an increase in atmospheric carbon actually follows global warming, not the other way around.

To me, taking care of the Earth is a no-brainer. The less toxic chemicals we add to the environment the better. Simple. To anyone believing that dramatically increasing the levels of toxins in our air, water and soil will save the planet, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona...

* * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, well it's pretty clear they aren't out to save the planet, so what's the real agenda behind geoengineering? To begin to understand the bigger picture, I highly recommend the following film:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Announcement: New Forum To Expose Covert Geoengineering

I will soon be adding a forum component to this website where we can discuss solutions and post our chemtrails photos, videos and water/snow analysis results and other evidence. My hope in doing this is to create a database where people can look up their city or town and see, for example, lab results of tests for aluminum or barium in local rainwater samples, or video footage of local aerial spraying.

I feel that it is one thing to know that this could be happening "out there" somewhere, and quite another to actually see disturbing levels of these poisons in readings from your own local water supply.

I hope others will help me out with this project, which I believe will go a long way in waking people up.

I strongly encourage people to have their water tested (click here for simple and inexpensive instructions from geoengineeringwatch.org) and to report your findings to newspapers, television news networks, politicians in all levels of government and anybody else you can think of. Write articles, start a blog of your own, shoot video, take pictures and print up and distribute fliers. Use your imagination and get the word about this crime against humanity out to everyone you possibly can, as quickly as you can.

We can stop this. We can have our blue skies and clean air, water and soil back. We who are ill from the spraying can experience freedom and healing from this burden on our bodies and minds, but we have to stand up now and let them know the game is up and that we are no longer willing to aquiesce to this abuse!

I expect to have the forum up by this Sunday November 21st, so keep checking back.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Part 1 of 7. Click here for playlist.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are being deliberately sprayed with deadly toxins under GLOBAL clandestine government operations. This documentary explores this evidence, as well as evidence of the negative impact these chemicals are having on both humans and the environment.

If you value your life, liberty and the well-being of your loved-ones, PLEASE see this film and share it with everyone you know.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chemtrails, Morgellons and the Frustration of Fighting for Truth and Justice in a Sea of Lies and Apathy...

Imagine knowing, not just intuitively, but from months of observation and investigation, that around the world our skies are being pumped full of highly toxic substances every day. Imagine trying to show people what was going on and being laughed at and labelled a tinfoil hat wearing lunatic by some, and ignored by others.

Then imagine learning that over a decade of debilitating physical and emotional suffering may be largely due to a condition called Morgellon's that, not only will Health Canada NOT acknowledge or address whatsoever, but that many doctors still misdiagnose as "delusional parasitosis". Add to that the fact that, not only do I see these fibers emerging from my skin, but I am also able to see scores of them on almost every surface in public facilities, stores, restaurants and other people's homes, leading me to believe that everyone, at least in my region, and likely everywhere else too, is also being exposed to this potentially debilitating and even
fatal pathogen.

To add further to my frustration, I am now seeing a very clear link, through the work of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Clifford Carnicom and others, between Morgellon's and chemtrails. Regardless, shouldn't our government and health authorities be seriously investigating this and doing something about it instead of waiting indefinitely for some university in the U.S. to research it?!?!?! Of course they won't, because of the chemtrails link and because if we look too close at Morgellon's it starts looking a lot like manmade nanotech designed to track us and genetically modify us!

I get why people don't want to look at this. It's "out there" and scary and the deeper implications are frankly terrifying, but I know that if we are going to survive as a species we have to toughen up and acknowledge these unpleasant circumstances, not just the chemtrails and morgellons, which are just an extension of a greater agenda of mass depopulation and enslavement of the survivors.

We need to start looking at the bigger picture. If we can stand up, face this and ovecome it, what do we stand to gain? Peace? Freedom? The end of poverty and suffering? Renewed health resulting from no longer being bombarded with toxic chemicals via our food, air, water and nearly everything else we come in contact with? Aren't those things worth the discomfort of confronting this situation?

We've been conditioned to shun the negative and unpleasant to the point where we won't even respond to or acknowledge when something truly horrific is happening around us. Even when it's happening to our own loved ones. We view talking about and involving ourselves with these issues as being negative, and we delude ourselves into thinking if we just keep our own little "happy bubble" intact, somehow magically the rest of the universe will realign itself with our bliss.

Nevertheless, babies continue to get their heads blown off in the name of peace and fighting "terrorism", our water, food, air, media and minds are contaminated, and yet somehow the notion of facing up to these demons and attempting to put an end to this suffering is "negative"?

Can you imagine how beautiful a day it will be when we are no longer being sprayed with poisons while simultaneously being told by those entrusted to protect us that we are delusional? When we can once again enjoy a deep, blue sky, feeling the full warmth of the suns rays on our faces, watching fluffy, white clouds float by? When our children's accumulated heavy metal levels start to drop thanks to clean food, water and air, and behavioural problems, learning disabilities and autism become a distant memory?

Can you imagine a day without manufactured wars, weather warfare, corrupt pharmaceutical companies poisoning us for profit, GMO's, naked body scanners and a million other invasions of our privacy and infringements of our rights, justified by false flag terror attacks orchestrated by the very institutions many believe are there to protect them?!

I could go on all day about the wonderful and incredibly positive things we can enjoy if we rise up and reclaim our freedom and our planet. I just don't get how more people can't see we've been taken for a ride!

Hopper explains the world (A Bug's Life)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Morgellon's/Chemtrails Connection (The Biological Aspect of Covert Geoengineering)

Clifford Carnicom: Chemtrails, Aerosols and Morgellon's

Clifford Carnicom talks about his research into the chemtrails/Morgellon's connection and explains how this nanotech appears to be replacing our blood with sythetic blood and essentially genetically modifying humans! Even if you aren't showing symptoms, or have attributed symptoms to other ailments, your home, environment and body are infested with self-replicating, nanotech "Morgellon's" fibers. If you would like to get right to the part covering the biological aspect of chemtrails (Morgellon's), start at Part 7. You can review Carnicom's research on his website, http://www.carnicom.com/. For further scientific research on Morgellon's, see the work of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

Interview with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger re: Morgellon's

Part 2
Part 3

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cool The Earth With Geoengineering? Some Say Wait

Cool The Earth With Geoengineering? Some Say Wait
Fri., November 5, 2010 2:11pm (EDT)

By Amy Standen

At a recent meeting in Japan of the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity, diplomats tried to set some rules for future geoengineers. They issued what some are calling a moratorium on all geoengineering activities until the science is clear and there are global regulations in place.

If you want to see what geoengineering might look like, go back to 1991, to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, in the Philippines.

The volcano spewed almost 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. Those particles can reflect sunlight back into space, and for a while, that's exactly what happened. Temperatures around the world dropped by an average of half a degree.

It turns out you don't need a volcano to get the same effect. Scientists could use airplanes to inject sulfur dioxide directly into the stratosphere and bring down global temperatures. What's more, says David Keith who directs the University of Calgary's Energy and Environmental Systems Group, it would be pretty easy to do.

"It takes so little material to alter the whole planet's climate," he says. "The costs of doing it are just absurdly cheap."

Unintended Consequences?

The Mt. Pinatubo effect, as it's called, is just one way scientists believe they might use technology to counteract climate change, or at least its effects. Another way would be growing algae in the ocean to suck up carbon dioxide.

But in order to have a real impact on climate change, the project would have to take place on a massive scale. And that could have all sorts of unintended consequences. For example, rainfall patterns could change. That could mean drought and starvation for thousands of people in East Africa, according to Diana Bronson of the ETC Group, which has been skeptical of geoengineering.

The Planetary Thermostat

Colby College historian of science and technology James Fleming says geoengineering raises an important question of governance. Someone or some country, he says, could one day find itself capable of setting the temperature for the entire planet. So who, or where, would that be?

"Would it be at Lawrence Livermore Lab?" he asks. "Would it be in Indonesia somewhere? Would it be in China? What if a rogue nation wanted to have its own thermostat?"

The U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity does not include the U.S. In fact, just hours before the Saturday meeting where the moratorium was raised, U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon -- a Democrat from Tennessee -- issued a statement encouraging research into geoengineering. But the ETC Group's Bronson says the international moratorium sends a powerful message.

"It would be very foolish of the Obama administration to say, 'we don't care what anyone says about this, we're going to go ahead anyways'," Bronson says.

Keith, the Calgary scientist, sees no real incentive, at this point, for any individual country to unilaterally geoengineer the climate. But he says that could change once countries become more aware of climate change affecting their national interests. And, he says, "we don't have the international mechanisms to really manage that."

Keith believes geoengineering may turn out to be an important tool as climate change continues. But he says there's no reason to rush into anything.

"I hope the debate goes slowly," he says, "because there are risks on both sides. There are real risks to aggressive quick action, and there are risks to inaction."

Like climate change itself, the impacts of geoengineering may be global. Which means it will take global cooperation to get it right. [Copyright 2010 KQED Public Broadcasting]

Tanya's note: The point of this "moratorium", which was rejected by the US and Canada was...? No geoengineering in participating countries "until the science is clear and there are global regulations in place."? Kind of like how the science on global warming and anthropomorphic climate change are so indisputably "clear", they are being used to justify further centralisation of power, ie., global governance, and a New World Order? (What's a "New World Order"? See Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.)

The article goes on to make geoengineering sound really convenient, easy and "absurdly" cheap, and consequences are downplayed. No mention is made of the overwhelming evidence that geoengineering operations are already well underway, globally, and that the substances being sprayed are destroying both ecosystems and human health. (See: What In The World Are They Spraying?)

In my opinion, the point of this flimsy moratorium is to offer false reassurance to the naive and uninformed that the geoengineering issue is being lovingly handled by the benificent United Nations, when in reality, our planet is being raped and pillaged with all life being genetically manipulated and potentially facing extinction.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Join The Coalition Against Geo-Engineering

"What can I do to help stop geoengineering?", you ask. You can start by joining forces with G. Edward Griffin, co-producer of "What In The World Are They Spraying?", the film exposing the devestating effects geoengineering is having on our health and environment, and become part of a grass-roots movement whose mission statement is "To protect our planet from famine and disease inflicted by insane scientists, monopolistic corporations, and rogue governments. That means, all geo-engineering programs must be stopped; not monitored; not limited; not put under UN control; but stopped – now."
Go to stopgeoengineering.org for further information and to join.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pilots, are you listening?

The disastrous effects these aerosol spraying operations are having on our planet and on our health CAN STOP if you will truly defend our country and freedoms and refuse to pilot the jets!

Chemtrails – The List of Patents For Stratosperic Aerial Spraying Programs

Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent
Nov 3, 2010

For anyone doubting the existence of the phenomenon of ‘chemtrails’, please take a minute to read through this extensive list of patents from America on equipment and processes used in just such programs. The evidence is clear folks.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
1338343 – April 27, 1920 – Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists
1619183 – March 1, 1927 – Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft
1631753 – June 7, 1927 – Electric Heater – Referenced in 3990987
1665267 – April 10, 1928 – Process of Producing Artificial Fogs
1892132 – December 27, 1932 – Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts
1928963 – October 3, 1933 – Electrical System And Method
1957075 – May 1, 1934 – Airplane Spray Equipment
2097581 – November 2, 1937 – Electric Stream Generator – Referenced in 3990987
2409201 – October 15, 1946 – Smoke Producing Mixture
2476171 – July 18, 1945 – Smoke Screen Generator
2480967 – September 6, 1949 – Aerial Discharge Device
2550324 – April 24, 1951 – Process For Controlling Weather
2510867 – October 9, 1951 – Method of Crystal Formation and Precipitation
2582678 – June 15, 1952 – Material Disseminating Apparatus For Airplanes
2591988 – April 8, 1952 – Production of TiO2 Pigments – Referenced in 3899144
2614083 – October 14, 1952 – Metal Chloride Screening Smoke Mixture
2633455 – March 31, 1953 – Smoke Generator
2688069 – August 31, 1954 – Steam Generator – Referenced in 3990987
2721495 – October 25, 1955 – Method And Apparatus For Detecting Minute Crystal Forming Particles Suspended in a Gaseous Atmosphere
2730402 – January 10, 1956 – Controllable Dispersal Device
2801322 – July 30, 1957 – Decomposition Chamber for Monopropellant Fuel – Referenced in 3990987
2881335 – April 7, 1959 – Generation of Electrical Fields
2908442 – October 13, 1959 – Method For Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs And Clouds
2986360 – May 30, 1962 – Aerial Insecticide Dusting Device
2963975 – December 13, 1960 – Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide Bullet
3126155 – March 24, 1964 – Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding Generator – Referenced in 3990987
3127107 – March 31, 1964 – Generation of Ice-Nucleating Crystals
3131131 – April 28, 1964 – Electrostatic Mixing in Microbial Conversions
3174150 – March 16, 1965 – Self-Focusing Antenna System
3234357 – February 8, 1966 – Electrically Heated Smoke Producing Device
3274035 – September 20, 1966 – Metallic Composition For Production of Hydroscopic Smoke
3300721 – January 24, 1967 – Means For Communication Through a Layer of Ionized Gases
3313487 – April 11, 1967 – Cloud Seeding Apparatus
3338476 – August 29, 1967 – Heating Device For Use With Aerosol Containers – Referenced in 3990987
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3518670 June 30, 1970 – Artificial Ion Cloud
3534906 – October 20, 1970 – Control of Atmospheric Particles
3545677 – December 8, 1970 – Method of Cloud Seeding
3564253 – February 16, 1971 – System And Method For Irradiation Of Planet Surface Areas
3587966 – June 28, 1971 – Freezing Nucleation
3601312 – August 24, 1971 – Methods of Increasing The Likelihood oF Precipatation By The Artificial Introduction Of Sea Water Vapor Into The Atmosphere Winward Of An Air Lift Region
3608810 – September 28, 1971 – Methods of Treating Atmospheric Conditions
3608820 – September 20, 1971 – Treatment of Atmospheric Conditions by Intermittent Dispensing of Materials Therein
3613992 – October 19, 1971 – Weather Modification Method
3630950 – December 28, 1971 – Combustible Compositions For Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable For Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization Process
USRE29142 – This patent is a reissue of patent US3630950 – Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
3659785 – December 8, 1971 – Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material
3666176 – March 3, 1972 – Solar Temperature Inversion Device
3677840 – July 18, 1972 – Pyrotechnics Comprising Oxide of Silver For Weather Modification Use
3722183 – March 27, 1973 – Device For Clearing Impurities From The Atmosphere
3769107 – October 30, 1973 – Pyrotechnic Composition For Generating Lead Based Smoke
3784099 – January 8, 1974 – Air Pollution Control Method
3785557 – January 15, 1974 – Cloud Seeding System
3795626 – March 5, 1974 – Weather Modification Process
3808595 – April 30, 1974 – Chaff Dispensing System
3813875 – June 4, 1974 – Rocket Having Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds In The Upper Atmopsphere
3835059 – September 10, 1974 – Methods of Generating Ice Nuclei Smoke Particles For Weather Modification And Apparatus Therefore
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6520425 – February 18, 2003 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers
6539812 – April 1, 2003 – System for measuring the flow-rate of a gas by means of ultrasound
6553849 – April 29, 2003 – Electrodynamic particle size analyzer
6569393 – May 27, 2003 – Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Weather Modification Inc. (weathermodification.com),

I am very puzzled here.Your website suggests that it welcomes inquiries from the public regarding your weather modification projects.

"If you wish to receive more information about atmospheric assessment and evaluation, cloud seeding, weather radar systems or environmental monitoring, please complete the form below. Our team of experts will answer all of your questions to the best of our ability."

I feel decieved as twice now, since July when the following article was posted on the CBC website: Calgary Hail Shrunk By Cloud Seeding Planes , I have submitted very basic questions regarding the safety of your cloud seeding agents, and it will be November tomorrow, and I have, thus far, recieved no reply and there is no safety/toxicology information on your website.

My questions were as follows:

Quote from your website: "the active ingredient in cold cloud seeding is silver iodide".
What other ingredients does the seeding agent contain? What studies have been done regarding the safety of the other ingredients present? Specifically, do the seeding agents contain aluminum or barium? Is the main ingredient for the warm seeding agent the same as the cold seeding agent?

That's it. That's all the information I wanted. I think it is pretty basic information that someone there would surely be able to answer. The populace upon which you are spraying these aerosols is entitled to know that what is being sprayed in the air they breathe has been thoroughly tested for safety. I would go a step further, adding that the populace should have some input and consent before weather modification takes place, but clearly you do not share this belief.

I have not asked you to share your "secret formula", but simply to confirm or deny that a couple of metals are present (I now add strontium to that list), and whether what you are using is safe.

You have chosen not to answer, which raises a lot of questions, specifically about what it is you are trying to hide.

So now to my small list of questions, I would like to add the following. First, very bluntly I would like to ask why my questions have not been addressed. Secondly, do you think the public is entitled to know what your seeding agents contain, and whether they are safe, or do you have no moral objections to playing god?

To "hold your feet to the fire", so to speak, I have posted this letter on my new blog stopgeoengineering.com

I also intend on calling you on speaker phone and recording your answers, which I will post on my blog as well, if my questions remain unaddressed.

Furthermore, I also intend to contact major media outlets in Canada to advise them of your failure to be forthcoming on these issues.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

UN biodiversity group imposes moratorium on risky experiments

Those who were banking on a quick, technological solution to climate change and species extinction - such as artificially whitening clouds to make them reflect more sunlight - will have to think again.
Delegates to a landmark United Nations meeting on biodiversity held in Nagoya, Japan have agreed to a moratorium on risky geoengineering experiments that could alter global temperatures and precipitation patterns.

Read more:
UN biodiversity group imposes moratorium on risky experiments

Friday, October 29, 2010

A bit about me and why I started this blog...

I'm a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom from BC, Canada who has been suffering with a host of painful and debilitating symptoms for the past 10+ years, that I only figured out very recently stem from a bizarre medical condition called Morgellon's Disease. This condition is characterised by the presence of extremely fine fibers emerging from the skin. (visit morgellons.ca and morgellons.org, FMI)

These fibers/filaments, I believe, are the result of some sort of nanotechnology being sprayed on the populace via chemtrails, as these fibers have been compared to literally hundreds of natural fibers and tens of thousands of organic compounds, and the only matches were found (by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, and Clifford Carnicom), were in chemtrail samples. Fiber samples sent to independant laboratories have also been identified as nanotechnology.

As I am writing this, I have only known I have this for a couple of weeks. I first found the fibers pouring out of my body after a hot bath. I knew about Morgellons already because I have been researching chemtrails since Spring 2009, and had recently been viewing mfromcanada1's youtube channel, where she documents her experiences with this disease.

I have since discovered that when I eat large amounts of garlic (3 or more bulbs...not cloves...bulbs/day is very easy to take and tasty when roasted), these "critters" freak out and start popping out by the dozens a few hours after gorging on garlic (You can mash it and stir it into soups/stews, spread on toast, etc....yum!). I am also hearing a lot of other methods for purging the little beasts, which I am eager to try.

Anyways, prior to actually observing any fibers coming out of me, I suspected I was infected, because I had pretty much all the common symptoms, and was finding massive amounts of bright red, blue and black fibers all over the house.

At this point I was in the midst of a fairly sudden move, and I didn't want to add more stress, so I decided not to explore it too much further until I was settled into my new home.

Well, I'm settled in now, anxious to get a microscope (apparently a lot of Morgellon's sufferers own microscopes), and start documenting this weirdness, as well as my journey to wellness. I am trying to figure out how to film the morgs in action because it is VERY, VERY bizarre and interesting, but I think I need a higher res. camera.

My main focus, however, is raising awareness on the chemtrails/geoengineering issue and doing whatever I can to stop this.

Yesterday the UN agreed on a moratorium on geoengineering, which, on the surface sounds like a reason to celebrate, however, upon closer inspection, this moratorium really seems to be more about giving the UN global jurisdiction over geoengineering than actually stopping geoengineering. Just further centralisation of power.

The UN has effectively killed two birds with one stone. They've thrown the increasingly disgruntled masses a bone and they've taken one more step toward global government. I will start dancing in the streets when I actually stop seeing chemtrails in the sky, and no sooner.