Thursday, December 9, 2010

Geoengineering on the table at UN Framework Convention On Climate Change

Well, apparently the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is under pressure to overturn the UN ban on chemtrails.

The whole thing just enrages me to no end. People got all excited when these countries (not including Canada or the US) signed onto this UN moratorium, when the UN won't even admit geoengineering is already happening all over the world, having a devastating impact on the planet and our health, so how can we expect them to enforce anything or take any of it seriously anyways?

It feels like they are just attempting to create the illusion that they care and whenever geoengineering does start (lol), which even the MSM admits is now, the brainwashed masses won't fret too much about it. I think the recent fake criticisms of geoengineering just help to reinforce the illusion there are checks and balances and people out there making sure this doesn't get out of control, when it already has!

I'm seeing tons of propaganda pieces about geoengineering coming out these past few weeks. I think they're at the point they know they have to very carefully disclose the fact that geoengineering is happening. They know the cat is out of the bag and they are trying to give the impression the motives behind geoengineering are and always have been benevolent. Hah!

Stop trusting the UN and expecting them to help protect the environment. The UN are there to help bring in the New World Order and implement eugenics programs and any involvement they have in geoengineering will not be in the best interest of you or I!

I am so angry! After all the REAL death and destruction caused by having these poisons dumped on us for decades, they will tell the chemically lobotomized "survivors" that they never covered up what was going on, and that the reason most people died was global warming, which they saved them from with chemtrails!

Turn off the freaking TV, stop depending on and aquiescing to the slave system and SAVE YOUR FAMILIES AND YOURSELVES!

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  1. hmmm... That Reuters link conveniently no longer works