Friday, October 29, 2010

A bit about me and why I started this blog...

I'm a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom from BC, Canada who has been suffering with a host of painful and debilitating symptoms for the past 10+ years, that I only figured out very recently stem from a bizarre medical condition called Morgellon's Disease. This condition is characterised by the presence of extremely fine fibers emerging from the skin. (visit and, FMI)

These fibers/filaments, I believe, are the result of some sort of nanotechnology being sprayed on the populace via chemtrails, as these fibers have been compared to literally hundreds of natural fibers and tens of thousands of organic compounds, and the only matches were found (by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, and Clifford Carnicom), were in chemtrail samples. Fiber samples sent to independant laboratories have also been identified as nanotechnology.

As I am writing this, I have only known I have this for a couple of weeks. I first found the fibers pouring out of my body after a hot bath. I knew about Morgellons already because I have been researching chemtrails since Spring 2009, and had recently been viewing mfromcanada1's youtube channel, where she documents her experiences with this disease.

I have since discovered that when I eat large amounts of garlic (3 or more bulbs...not cloves...bulbs/day is very easy to take and tasty when roasted), these "critters" freak out and start popping out by the dozens a few hours after gorging on garlic (You can mash it and stir it into soups/stews, spread on toast, etc....yum!). I am also hearing a lot of other methods for purging the little beasts, which I am eager to try.

Anyways, prior to actually observing any fibers coming out of me, I suspected I was infected, because I had pretty much all the common symptoms, and was finding massive amounts of bright red, blue and black fibers all over the house.

At this point I was in the midst of a fairly sudden move, and I didn't want to add more stress, so I decided not to explore it too much further until I was settled into my new home.

Well, I'm settled in now, anxious to get a microscope (apparently a lot of Morgellon's sufferers own microscopes), and start documenting this weirdness, as well as my journey to wellness. I am trying to figure out how to film the morgs in action because it is VERY, VERY bizarre and interesting, but I think I need a higher res. camera.

My main focus, however, is raising awareness on the chemtrails/geoengineering issue and doing whatever I can to stop this.

Yesterday the UN agreed on a moratorium on geoengineering, which, on the surface sounds like a reason to celebrate, however, upon closer inspection, this moratorium really seems to be more about giving the UN global jurisdiction over geoengineering than actually stopping geoengineering. Just further centralisation of power.

The UN has effectively killed two birds with one stone. They've thrown the increasingly disgruntled masses a bone and they've taken one more step toward global government. I will start dancing in the streets when I actually stop seeing chemtrails in the sky, and no sooner.

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