Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Announcement: New Forum To Expose Covert Geoengineering

I will soon be adding a forum component to this website where we can discuss solutions and post our chemtrails photos, videos and water/snow analysis results and other evidence. My hope in doing this is to create a database where people can look up their city or town and see, for example, lab results of tests for aluminum or barium in local rainwater samples, or video footage of local aerial spraying.

I feel that it is one thing to know that this could be happening "out there" somewhere, and quite another to actually see disturbing levels of these poisons in readings from your own local water supply.

I hope others will help me out with this project, which I believe will go a long way in waking people up.

I strongly encourage people to have their water tested (click here for simple and inexpensive instructions from and to report your findings to newspapers, television news networks, politicians in all levels of government and anybody else you can think of. Write articles, start a blog of your own, shoot video, take pictures and print up and distribute fliers. Use your imagination and get the word about this crime against humanity out to everyone you possibly can, as quickly as you can.

We can stop this. We can have our blue skies and clean air, water and soil back. We who are ill from the spraying can experience freedom and healing from this burden on our bodies and minds, but we have to stand up now and let them know the game is up and that we are no longer willing to aquiesce to this abuse!

I expect to have the forum up by this Sunday November 21st, so keep checking back.


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