Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Weather Modification Inc. (,

I am very puzzled here.Your website suggests that it welcomes inquiries from the public regarding your weather modification projects.

"If you wish to receive more information about atmospheric assessment and evaluation, cloud seeding, weather radar systems or environmental monitoring, please complete the form below. Our team of experts will answer all of your questions to the best of our ability."

I feel decieved as twice now, since July when the following article was posted on the CBC website: Calgary Hail Shrunk By Cloud Seeding Planes , I have submitted very basic questions regarding the safety of your cloud seeding agents, and it will be November tomorrow, and I have, thus far, recieved no reply and there is no safety/toxicology information on your website.

My questions were as follows:

Quote from your website: "the active ingredient in cold cloud seeding is silver iodide".
What other ingredients does the seeding agent contain? What studies have been done regarding the safety of the other ingredients present? Specifically, do the seeding agents contain aluminum or barium? Is the main ingredient for the warm seeding agent the same as the cold seeding agent?

That's it. That's all the information I wanted. I think it is pretty basic information that someone there would surely be able to answer. The populace upon which you are spraying these aerosols is entitled to know that what is being sprayed in the air they breathe has been thoroughly tested for safety. I would go a step further, adding that the populace should have some input and consent before weather modification takes place, but clearly you do not share this belief.

I have not asked you to share your "secret formula", but simply to confirm or deny that a couple of metals are present (I now add strontium to that list), and whether what you are using is safe.

You have chosen not to answer, which raises a lot of questions, specifically about what it is you are trying to hide.

So now to my small list of questions, I would like to add the following. First, very bluntly I would like to ask why my questions have not been addressed. Secondly, do you think the public is entitled to know what your seeding agents contain, and whether they are safe, or do you have no moral objections to playing god?

To "hold your feet to the fire", so to speak, I have posted this letter on my new blog

I also intend on calling you on speaker phone and recording your answers, which I will post on my blog as well, if my questions remain unaddressed.

Furthermore, I also intend to contact major media outlets in Canada to advise them of your failure to be forthcoming on these issues.

I hope to hear from you soon,

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