Friday, November 12, 2010

Chemtrails, Morgellons and the Frustration of Fighting for Truth and Justice in a Sea of Lies and Apathy...

Imagine knowing, not just intuitively, but from months of observation and investigation, that around the world our skies are being pumped full of highly toxic substances every day. Imagine trying to show people what was going on and being laughed at and labelled a tinfoil hat wearing lunatic by some, and ignored by others.

Then imagine learning that over a decade of debilitating physical and emotional suffering may be largely due to a condition called Morgellon's that, not only will Health Canada NOT acknowledge or address whatsoever, but that many doctors still misdiagnose as "delusional parasitosis". Add to that the fact that, not only do I see these fibers emerging from my skin, but I am also able to see scores of them on almost every surface in public facilities, stores, restaurants and other people's homes, leading me to believe that everyone, at least in my region, and likely everywhere else too, is also being exposed to this potentially debilitating and even
fatal pathogen.

To add further to my frustration, I am now seeing a very clear link, through the work of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Clifford Carnicom and others, between Morgellon's and chemtrails. Regardless, shouldn't our government and health authorities be seriously investigating this and doing something about it instead of waiting indefinitely for some university in the U.S. to research it?!?!?! Of course they won't, because of the chemtrails link and because if we look too close at Morgellon's it starts looking a lot like manmade nanotech designed to track us and genetically modify us!

I get why people don't want to look at this. It's "out there" and scary and the deeper implications are frankly terrifying, but I know that if we are going to survive as a species we have to toughen up and acknowledge these unpleasant circumstances, not just the chemtrails and morgellons, which are just an extension of a greater agenda of mass depopulation and enslavement of the survivors.

We need to start looking at the bigger picture. If we can stand up, face this and ovecome it, what do we stand to gain? Peace? Freedom? The end of poverty and suffering? Renewed health resulting from no longer being bombarded with toxic chemicals via our food, air, water and nearly everything else we come in contact with? Aren't those things worth the discomfort of confronting this situation?

We've been conditioned to shun the negative and unpleasant to the point where we won't even respond to or acknowledge when something truly horrific is happening around us. Even when it's happening to our own loved ones. We view talking about and involving ourselves with these issues as being negative, and we delude ourselves into thinking if we just keep our own little "happy bubble" intact, somehow magically the rest of the universe will realign itself with our bliss.

Nevertheless, babies continue to get their heads blown off in the name of peace and fighting "terrorism", our water, food, air, media and minds are contaminated, and yet somehow the notion of facing up to these demons and attempting to put an end to this suffering is "negative"?

Can you imagine how beautiful a day it will be when we are no longer being sprayed with poisons while simultaneously being told by those entrusted to protect us that we are delusional? When we can once again enjoy a deep, blue sky, feeling the full warmth of the suns rays on our faces, watching fluffy, white clouds float by? When our children's accumulated heavy metal levels start to drop thanks to clean food, water and air, and behavioural problems, learning disabilities and autism become a distant memory?

Can you imagine a day without manufactured wars, weather warfare, corrupt pharmaceutical companies poisoning us for profit, GMO's, naked body scanners and a million other invasions of our privacy and infringements of our rights, justified by false flag terror attacks orchestrated by the very institutions many believe are there to protect them?!

I could go on all day about the wonderful and incredibly positive things we can enjoy if we rise up and reclaim our freedom and our planet. I just don't get how more people can't see we've been taken for a ride!

Hopper explains the world (A Bug's Life)

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