Saturday, November 13, 2010

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Part 1 of 7. Click here for playlist.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are being deliberately sprayed with deadly toxins under GLOBAL clandestine government operations. This documentary explores this evidence, as well as evidence of the negative impact these chemicals are having on both humans and the environment.

If you value your life, liberty and the well-being of your loved-ones, PLEASE see this film and share it with everyone you know.


  1. This is unreal. Thanks for the information. Take a stand folks!

  2. Idiots. Contrails have been around since WWII. You give more credit to a woman standing in her garden than actual science. Start taking your potassium iodide for the radiation coming from Japan. We could use a good die off.

  3. Another conspiracy theory. Just because somebody put all this into a video, it does not meant that it is true. Yes, there is a way to control some weather phenomenon, but it is on a small scale and intended to prevent hail falling over growing crops. This is video is absolutely absurd. Unfortunately, too many people will watch it and believe the information in it, without processing it through their brains.

  4. The spray from these trails are chemical poisoning soaking into the human body,keeping us in a hypnotic state as a prisoner to feel & be "dumber and dumber"
    mind control...wake up humanity!

  5. We are alive to do something eventually. Scoffing only makes the eventual doing what we will do together like eating crow on your part. We will provide the paper plates and napkins for that picnic. Bring plenty of crow.

  6. Only foolish sheep could think this isn't happening or real.
    IT IS.