Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Propaganda Time, Kids!

Just finished watching the CBC documentary "Playing God With Planet Earth" and wow, what a big fat load of B***S***! "Plans are on the drawing board, right now." "They're not quite ready to re-engineer the climate." Hmm, back in July, wasn't it also the CBC who reported on how Weather Modification Inc. (who have completely ignored my requests for information on the safety of their cloud seeding agents for 5 months now!) was ALREADY using aerosols to shrink hailstones in Calgary (& if you go to their website, you'll see that isn't all WMI does!)? Guess they forgot! Aluminum has that effect.

A lot of talk about sulfur dioxide, too, but what about increased aluminum and barium already showing up in the environment? What about toxic effects on humans and wildlife? What about the "persistent contrails" already being observed, which are absolutely having an effect on climate now? Also notice it's just a given that manmade global warming, via Co2, is bringing the planet to the brink of destruction? So, so frustrated by all this fear mongering, brainwashing trash! I hear next week Doc Zone will be covering the elusive Manbearpig! No, actually, they're airing a documentary entitled "Apocalypse 2012". Subtle, aren't they? Wake up CBC!

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