Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Curious... (Yahoo & Bing Censoring Geoengineering Truth?)...

Update: December 20th:

I complained to Yahoo and Bing and was disappointed, but not surprised, to recieve automated replies. Today, however, I notice stopgeoengineering.com is once again the #1 search result for the term "stop geoengineering". Nice.
All we have to do is let them know we see what they're up to. Looks very, very much like they were deliberately censoring the search results, as I know these search engines often do when it comes to exposing the interests that control them. Keep watching Big Brother, but beware: We're watching you, too.

Shortly after starting this blog, I noticed that when I typed "stop geoengineering" into Yahoo or Bing, stopgeoengineering.com was the #1 search result, and it was like this for several weeks. Just searched the terms today and stopgeoengineering.com is gone! I scanned over the top 200 results on both search engines and do not see stopgeoengineering.com at all!

stopgeoengineering.com was established to get the truth out about the covert aerosol attack on humanity and this planet, and was inspired by the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying?" (watch below), which is, I believe, one of those films "they" really don't want people to see.

Thank you Yahoo and Bing, for strengthening my resolve to get the truth out. It's funny. When I started trying to raise awareness about the strange lines I began noticing about a year and a half ago, I naively expected it would be easier to wake people up. I did not expect the backlash, the shills and the censorship, which have only served to toughen me up, and make me smarter and more determined. So go ahead and censor the truth, and we'll just work harder, and find more effective and ingenious ways to make the truth more accessible to everyone.

Don't you see every attack on the truth just makes us fiercer and more focussed and exposes you as enemies of freedom?

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Part 1 of 7. Click here for playlist.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are being deliberately sprayed with deadly toxins under GLOBAL clandestine government operations. This documentary explores this evidence, as well as evidence of the negative impact these chemicals are having on both humans and the environment.

If you value your life, liberty and the well-being of your loved-ones, PLEASE see this film and share it with everyone you know!

For further information on the interests and ideologies behind covert aerial spraying (eugenics, depopulation), click here to watch Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.


  1. "stop geoengineering" came 5th & 6th.in google

  2. Thank you for the film "what in the world..."
    I wonder why yo did not try to know what is going on by visiting airports, asking for the official maps of the itinaries of the planes and asking questions about lines in the sky that don't match with the maps. Did you try to investigate in this way ?

  3. @Highland. Yeah, I've noticed my ranking on Google has been different from the start. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with me using Blogger, or Adsense. I have noticed some other odd things which I need to get on their case about, too.

  4. @Geneviève You're welcome. I haven't gone to airports, or had many face to face conversations with people about this subject due to the fact I have a very high level of social anxiety. I do what I can, which, for the most part is online, or in the form of letters to newspapers.

    Individuals have, in the past, contacted local airports, with no success in getting an explanation for the trails. Long before I had even heard of chemtrails, there was an incident with CFB Comox reportedly covering up chemtrails, and it was pretty clear that going up there and attempting to stutter my way through yet another complaint or inquiry (people have been on their case about this since at least '01) wasn't going to do much to a) raise awareness, or b) stop the spraying.

    So my focus has just been about getting the evidence in front of as many eyes as I can. I figure people will bring their own unique ideas and strengths to the table as we work collectively to tackle this problem.

    Personally I don't need further proof because I start hacking up brown, streaky "Morgellon's goo" every time they spray, and because I have repeatedly observed as a beautiful clear day morphs into a completely overcast one, with the only trace of "cloud" contributing to the haze being "persistent contrails".

    Others have had extensive correspondence with airports, weather centers, government agencies and the like. You might want to check out carnicom.com, or www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/correspondence.html

  5. RE: "I have repeatedly observed as a beautiful clear day morphs into a completely overcast one, with the only trace of "cloud" contributing to the haze being "persistent contrails"...
    You do realize that when an aircraft at high altitude leaves a contrail, it is a natural reaction to high atmospheric moisture - if a plane shows a contrail, it is the condensation effect. this high altitude moisture will condense & form cloud within 24 - 48 hrs anyway. Its a completely natural phenomenon. Im not disputing your theories but you should be aware if this fact.

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  7. Tanya,
    I am a web designer and SEO expert. I would like to give you some free advice on how you can improve on your search engine visability. I am a strong advocate for stoping geoengineering and currently operate a blog myself.

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  8. I searched for www.Geoenginerring.com as well, and it brings me right here! I agree, someone has something they really want to hide!

    If it's not our government or Monsanto - who else could it be?

    I don't buy the aspects of "cooling the Earth" crap. Mother Nature does that all by herself. With all the crap we already doing to our planet, why add more? This is just getting to be overwhelming. We, as humans have to work together in stopping the actions of killing our planet and the population.