Friday, February 24, 2012

More On The Morgellons/Chemtrails Connection

Clifford Carnicom with host Rob Simone on Coast To Coast AM (January 27, 2012) discussing chemtrails, Morgellons and the CDC Morgellons study.

"According to Carnicom, the health of the entire global population has been affected to a significant degree by these aerosols. It has been strongly established that barium salts are in the airborne particulate matter, he continued. Soluble salts of barium are highly toxic, with the level of toxicity matching arsenic, he added. Carnicom also reported on a baffling ailment known as Morgellons disease, a condition he described as characterized by skin lesions and the presence of unusual filaments. He revealed that many people could be suffering from Morgellons but show no outward signs because the filaments are internal. Carnicom commented on a recent CDC report that dismissed the condition as the product of mentally unstable and delusional minds, and pointed out some issues he had with the study's methodology."

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