Monday, April 18, 2011

Masters Of The World Meet To Play God With The Planet

'On a secluded estate in England, a small group from the elite UK think-tank, The Royal Society, are openly discussing control over the planet's weather. The Orwellian nature of the discussion is stunning, as this select group seemingly wrings their hands over how to delegate the proper authority to research such godlike power. They begin by asking a rhetorical question, "Who decides?"' Read more: Masters Of The World Meet To Play God With The Climate

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  1. I am sorry, but I think that geo-engineering might be necessary to ensure our survival.

    Do you truly think that people are going to reduce their carbon emissions on a large scale? As an American, I can tell you that many people here don’t even believe in the existence of manmade global warming. They have no intention of giving up their hummers, and they have buddies in Washington who are going to stop any attempts.

    Several times, the UN has met to deal with climate change in the orthodox way. Several times, mediocre, non-binding agreements were reached. Those were not enough.

    Geoengineering might be playing god, but it could be a necessary evil if we are to ensure our species’ and civilization’s survival. We simply do not have enough political willpower to deal with the problem head-on, and a solution with unintended side-effects is better than no solution at all.