Saturday, January 22, 2011

Funny about so many chemtrail "skeptics"...

They all say that our the chemtrails conspiracy is unfounded, yet I've rarely seen them back up their side of the debate, except with opinion and insults. "This is the way it is because it just can't possibly be true and you're a moron. Case closed."

Myself, and most of us trying to raise awareness on this issue are simply saying "Hey, millions of us have noticed that over the past few years many jet contrails no longer dissipate. Instead they linger for hours, often fanning out to create a substantial artificial cloud cover. Substantial enough to affect temperature significantly, even influencing precipitation. How is this not weather modification and why is it's mere existence, a phenomenon most of us with functioning eyes are familiar with, being denied so vehemently by the institutions we would expect to be protecting citizens from being used as guinea pigs in a science experiment based on flawed and even outright doctored "science"?"

We are told that in certain conditions (which just all of a sudden, over the past few years, happen to present themselves every day or two) contrails persist. Well yes, that's true, but we aren't talking about contrails. We are talking about measurable changes in weather (since this is happening on such a wide scale, we can also assume these persistent trails are probably also causing perhaps the only REAL significant "anthropomorphic climate change"), as well as the link between the "chemtrails" phenomenon, and the drastic rise in the very toxins geoengineers "propose" distributing via jet aerosols, which would create just the type of artificial cloud cover we have obeserved, showing up in unprecedented levels in the environment and our bodies in recent years.

Why, when we're seeing a lot of lines do so many of us experience physiological symptoms such as respiratory irritation, nosebleeds, muscle aches, and even the presence, in our bodies, of what appears to be self-replicating nanotech (I am referring to Morgellons, a previously unheard of yet rapidly spreading and potentially debilitating infection, whose characteristic fibrous material has been found in air samples following heavy spraying)?

We can't just rely on the scientific elite and the government to guide us anymore, if we want to survive. We must relearn to educate ourselves. To go out, gather evidence and prove or disprove something for ourselves. To reconnect with our intuition, which has been deliberately supressed. Nobody can give you the truth but you.

I don't ever ask someone to believe what I say because I said so and I am always right. I'm not. In this case, however, I believe 100% that we are under attack and that it is my duty as a parent and as a member of this human race, to encourage as many people as I can to seek the truth, because I can't stop geoengineering, or any of this madness, on my own.

Chemtrails - (Flip the Script 004) - A show using sarcasm to prove a point.

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  1. Surely those responsible for damaging 'private' property,and precious land including personal health, through chemtrails, be sued? If one conducted chemical experiments that harmed a neighbour's health, property or land - and was brought to court, by the neighbour for resulting damage of such experimentation, one would end up in jail with a huge fine - so why not the reverse? Perhaps humanity, as a whole, should sue these people for any damage they have caused?